Tuesday, February 25, 2014

AdCentral Plus - Pro

Adcentral plus is the most complete productivity tool that allows users to post their Telexfree ads, in a quick and convenient way.
From one centralized interface users have access to the following features:
!! Easily store an unlimited number of promoter accounts.
!! Post and validate your ads within just a few clicks.
!! Delete ads that are not verified.
!! Confirm that your ads have been validated with access to My Adcentral.
!! Conveniently repurchase Telexfree stock packages and cash in.
!! Set an alarm to remind you to post your daily ads.
!! Check your account balances.
!! Verify your binary commissions.
!! Withdraw money to your bank accounts.
!! Transfer money between promoter accounts.
Compatible with both phone devices and tablets.
Important. Read.
This application is a tool that will speed up the process of posting and validating your Telexfree ads. It is your responsibility to make sure that the ads are properly validated and we recommend that you visit the Telexfree website on a daily basis.
AdCentral Plus performs at its best on a fast internet connection and it is optimized for the latest models of IOS devices.
When Telexfree makes important announcements and post them to the back office, one must read and acknowledge them using a web browser before continuing to use the application.
We are not responsible for ads that are not correctly placed due to multiple factors that are out of our control including: connection speed, website response at the time of posting, among other conditions. AdCentral Plus offers a functionality that allows to remove faulty ads. It is the user's responsibility to remove and re-advertise in the rare case of an ad not being verified by Telexfree.
To use AdCentral Plus you must agree to visit the AD CENTRAL section of the App every time that you post your ads and make sure that all your ads are properly validated.
Your passwords are stored in your device and never in our servers.


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